Treme Season 3 and 4 Soundtracks & an Emmy Award

Treme Season 3 and 4 Soundtracks & an Emmy Award

About once a week, I receive a Facebook message or email asking about the soundtracks for Season 3 and 4 but unfortunately, none will be forthcoming.

Blake Leyh, the Music Director for the HBO series, said in article on back in January:

“I’m sorry to say that the additional ‘Treme’ soundtracks are basically dead for the time being,” he said. “No labels are interested in releasing any more records of the music. I think that if the DVD/Blu-ray box sets do well in any future time frame, and the show gathers momentum in its afterlife, we can revisit the soundtrack possibility in the future.

“Personally, I would love to see the season three and four soundtracks released — or even better, a box set of the music from the entire show. The creative team — David Simon, Eric Overmyer, and Nina Noble — all feel as I do. We have talked at different times about possible scenarios, and I would say there’s a good chance that something will happen at some point. But as of this moment, there are no specific plans for any additional ‘Treme’ soundtracks in place. It’s a shame, because there’s a ton of great music there.”

So for now, head over to my Season 3 and Season 4 Episode lists and do some perusing, listen to a few songs and create a soundtrack that suits your own personal NOLA tastes.

In other news, Treme finally got some love from the Emmy Awards as it won “Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Miniseries Or A Movie”  for “Sunset On Louisianne”, which was Episode 4 of the final season.  So congrats to the music team for some much overdue recognition.